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Welcome to Karl Riley's electronic portfolio


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My name is Karl Riley and I am a student in the Masters in Educational Technology Program at UTB.  I earned my undergraduate in Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1994 and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas in Tyler in 2005.  I currently work in the private sector as an IT Project Manager responsible for training and rolling out new software systems.



The purpose of this site is to provide a location to highlight both the beginning thoughts and the end results of projects learned and used in my journey.  My purpose for pursuing this degree is to teach, in either public institutions or in private sector businesses.  



The e-Portfolio is organized and easily navigatable via the many links provided in the site.  The main pages of the site are linked at the top of each page, with numerous locations throughout the body of text taking the user to more detailed locations. 



The best way to navigate the e-Portfolio is to follow the main links provided at the top of every page, from left to right.  This will afford the reviewer an opportunity to easily navigate the site and follow a progression of my studies, culminating with the Reflection Letter.  As access is required, you are able to view all pages since you are here.  Acrobat is required for reviewing downloaded documents, which may be simpler with a web based Acrobat reader and any current computer browser should suffice for viewing these pages and content.



My contact information can be found here, on the Contact Me page.



This page was last updated on 10/31/2012.




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